• Invar Plate used for OLED Mask Frame
    Post Time:Jun-30-2017

    Our factory Produce Invar  plate for Clients used for INVAR OLED MASK FrameIINVAR is an acronym of invariable alloy and it was discovered by Guillanume of France in 1896. With over 36% nickel content, this Fe-Ni alloy steel does not experience any thermal expansion in the extremely low tem...Read more»

  • Why Raw material prices are increasing in China special for metals 2016?
    Post Time:Dec-10-2016

    For the last 2 months , most of my suppliers have sent me emails informing that the prices of their raw materials have been increasing significantly (up 8%-19%), so they have no alternative but to slightly increase their prices.If we look closely at the commodity market for the last 3 months o...Read more»

  • UMCO50 Material used for  High temperature Walking Furnace
    Post Time:Dec-03-2016

    Umco50 Material use for re-heating  in furnace step at temperature   about  900 to 1150 C .  Regular UmCo50 Chemical compostion(without Nickel and Tugstern but high Iron element ),However according to our many years of production experience of UmC50 and Combined with...Read more»

  • Factory Tour
    Post Time:Nov-30-2016

    Special melting Production Lines    500KG VIM        German ALD 8000KG VIM     USA CONSARC 6000KG PESR               3000KG VARForging-rolling Production Lines3T electro...Read more»

  • nickel alloy welding wire chemical compostions
    Post Time:Sep-08-2016

    Nickel base Alloy Welding WireAWSTypeChemical Elements of codeChemical composition.%CMnFeSiCuNiAlTiCrNb/TaMoOther      Co .S.P.WERNiCrMo-3SNi6625NiCr22Mo9Nb≤0.1≤0.5≤5.0≤0.5≤0.5 ...Read more»

  • Alloys Chemical Elements
    Post Time:Aug-08-2016

    List  of  Chemical  ElementsAtomic No Name ofelement Chemicalsymbol Origin of name89 Actinium Ac From the Greek word aktinos (ray)13 Aluminium Al From the Latin word alumen (alum)95 Americium Am From America where it was dis...Read more»

  • Tube Sheet For Heat Exchangers
    Post Time:Aug-03-2016

    Tubesheets of Heat Exchangers Tubesheets are usually made from a round flat piece of metal with holes drilled for the tube ends in a precise location and pattern relative to one another. Tube sheet materials range as tube materials. Tubes are attached to the tube sheet by pneumatic or hydraulic p...Read more»


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