Invar Plate used for OLED Mask Frame

Our factory Produce Invar  plate for Clients used for INVAR OLED MASK Frame


IINVAR is an acronym of invariable alloy and it was discovered by Guillanume of France in 1896. With over 36% nickel content, this Fe-Ni alloy steel does not experience any thermal expansion in the extremely low temperature environment (≤-163°C) or the above room temperature environment.In short, INVAR steel has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, which makes it appropriate for precision gauge, Bi metal, Tri metal and other high-tech electronic components. Riding the trend of bigger TV screens, the existing Al-killed steel is being replaced by INVAR steel for shadow mask. INVAR steel is also in high demand as an LNG ship material

 Material Characteristics

A Comparison of Physical Properties with Stainless Steel 
Specific Gravity(g/cm³)Thermal Expansion Coefficient(10/°C)Young Rate(kgf/m²)Yield Strength(kgf/m²)Tensile Strength(kgf/m²)Elongation rate(%)Longitude(Hv)36% NIINVAR Alloy8.121.214700303135135STS3047.9318.819600286555160STS4307.7011.920300325028150

* The thermal expansion coefficient of INVAR alloy is 1/10 that of STS and carbon steel (Al-Killed), and only 1/100 of pure steel.

 General Properties

Low thermal expansion coefficient:1.5X10-6°CHighly clean steel: Less than 6µm­ of non-metallic inclusionGood etching capacity: Segregation, good structureOther: Weldability, skin stability

Main Usage For OLED Shadow Mask

Shadow mask is a thin metal film with between 800,000 and 1.6 million tiny holes, which act to form images on TV and computer screens. It is one of three core components of the Braun monitor that determines the clarity of color monitors.
Shadow mask accurately guides the electro beams (red, green, blue) projected by the electric gun in color monitors of TVs and computers to the fluorescent surface inside the panel. It is also capable of color distinction so that monitors can display clearer color images.


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