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Leading provider of high quality Nickel  Based  Alloys Cobalt Based Alloys ,Welding Wire and other Special High temperature and Corrosion Resistant Alloys available  in Various Kinds of Forms, Application in the Filed of  Power Generation,Nuclear ,Petroleum,Industry Chemical, Ect !  Lear Us More


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China’s Top 10 Supplier of Special Alloys, Forms can be available of Bar,Pipe,Wire,Sheet,Flanges,Strip,Mesh,Spring,Tube Sheet,Fasteners,and Other Fittings.Contact us Now to get more information !

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Sekonic Metals Technology  Co., Ltd   -ISO 9001 qualified factory specialized in production of High Temperature Alloys and Anti-Corrosion Alloys such as Hastelloy  Alloys, Haynes Alloys, Monel Alloys, Inconel Alloys, Incoloy Alloys ect. Since 1996, after achieved great success in China market,we have extend our business to worldwide since 2000.

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Sekoinc Metals Provide you High temperature and Corrosion Resistant Alloys widely application for chemical industries,aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear, ocean industry, chemistry, electronics, etc.
  • Alloys Chemical Elements

    Alloys Chemical Elements

    List  of  Chemical  Elements Atomic No Name ofelement Chemicalsymbol Origin of name 89 Actinium Ac From the Greek word aktinos (ray)...
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  • Tube Sheet For Heat Exchangers

    Tube Sheet For Heat Exchangers

    Tubesheets of Heat Exchangers Tubesheets are usually made from a round flat piece of metal with holes drilled for the tube ends in a precise location and pattern relative to one...
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