Chemical Process

High temperature and Anti-resistant of Our nickel based alloys In Chemical Process environments makes them a good choice!

As is well known, humid and corrosive environment in pulp and paper industry means a huge challenge to the equipment involved in it. For a long time, Phoenix Alloy provides professional alloy materials solutions and expertise for the paper industry to cope with such challenge. Now, the alloy materials are becoming increasingly popular in pulp and paper industry. Our comprehensive range of alloy products can resist all kinds of corrosive environment, and are used for the equipment in every process of paper manufacturing.


Incoloy 800                   Inconel 718             Inconel 690

Incoloy 800H/HT                Inconel 601             Inconel 617

   Monel 400                    Inconel 625             Incoloy 825   

Monel K500                    Incoloy 925

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