Alloys Chemical Elements

List  of  Chemical  Elements

Atomic No Name of
Origin of name
89 Actinium Ac From the Greek word aktinos (ray)
13 Aluminium Al From the Latin word alumen (alum)
95 Americium Am From America where it was discovered
51 Antimony Sb From the Greek words anti + monos meaning not alone
18 Argon Ar From the Greek word argos meaning inactive
33 Arsenic As From the Greek word arsenikon meaning yellow orpiment (orpiment is arsenic trisulphide)
85 Astatine At From the Greek word astatos meaning unstable
56 Barium Ba From the Greek word barus meaning heavy
97 Berkelium Bk Named after Berkeley, USA where it was discovered
4 Beryllium Be From the Greek word beryllos meaning beryl
83 Bismuth Bi From the German word bisemutum
107 Bohrium Bh Named after Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist
5 Boron B From the Arabic word buraq or the Persian word burah
35 Bromine Br From the Greek word bromos meaning stench
48 Cadmium Cd From the Latin word cadmia or Greek word kadmeia both meaning calamine
55 Caesium Cs From the Latin word caesius meaning sky blue
20 Calcium Ca From the Latin word calx meaning lime
96 Californium Cf Named after the University of California, USA where it was discovered
6 Carbon C From the Latin word carbo meaning charcoal
58 Cerium Ce Named after the Asteroid Ceres, which had been discovered in 1801, two years before the element
17 Chlorine Cl From the Greek word chloros meaning pale green
24 Chromium Cr From the Greek word chrome meaning colour
27 Cobalt Co From the German word kobald meaning goblin or evilspirit
29 Copper Cu From cuprum, the Latin name for the island of Cyprus
96 Curium Cm Named after Pierre & Marie Curie
110 Darmstadium Ds Named after Darmstadt, Germany where it was discovered
105 Dubnium Db Named after Dubnia, USSR where it was discovered
66 Dysprosium Dy From the Greek word dysprositos meaning hard to obtain
99 Einsteinium Es Named after Albert Einstein
68 Erbium Er Named after the village of Ytterby in Sweden, where the mineral from which it was extracted came from
63 Europium Eu Named after Europe
100 Fermium Fm Named after Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist
9 Fluorine F From the Latin word fluere meaning to flow
87 Francium Fr Named after France
64 Gadolinium Gd Named after Johan Gadolin, the Finnish chemist and mineralogist
31 Gallium Ga From the Latin word Gallia meaning France
32 Germanium Ge From the Latin word Germania meaning Germany
79 Gold Au From the German word gold, which was itself derived from an earlier word meaning yellow
72 Hafnium Hf From the Latin word Hafnia meaning Copenhagen
108 Hassium Hs From the Latin word Hassium, for the German State of Hess
2 Helium He From the Greek word helios meaning sun
67 Holmium Ho From the Greek word Holmia meaning Sweden
1 Hydrogen H From the Greek words hydro genes meaning water and generator
49 Indium In Named after the indigo line in its atomic spectrum
53 Iodine I From the Greek word iodes meaning violet
77 Iridium Ir From the Greek word iris meaning rainbow
26 Iron Fe From isarn the old Saxon word for iron
36 Krypton Kr From the Greek word kryptos meaning hidden
57 Lanthanum La From the Greek word lanthanein meaning to lie hidden
103 Lawrencium Lr Named after Ernest O. Lawrence, the inventor of the cyclotron
82 Lead Pb From the Anglo-Saxon word lead
3 Lithium Li From the Greek word lithos meaning stone
71 Lutetium Lu From the Greek word Lutetia meaning Paris
12 Magnesium Mg From the Greek word Magnesia, a district of Thessaly
25 Manganese Mn From the Latin word magnes meaning magnet
108 Meitnerium Mt Named after Lise Meitnerthe Austrian physicist
101 Mendelevium Md Named after Dimitri Mendeleev, the Russian chemist
80 Mercury Hg Named after the planet Mercury
42 Molybdenum Mo From the Greek word molybdos meaning lead
60 Neodymium Nd From the Greek words neos didymos meaning new twin
10 Neon Ne From the Greek word neon meaning new
93 Neptunium Np Named after the planet Neptune
28 Nickel Ni From the German word kupfernickel meaning devil's scopper
41 Niobium Nb Named after Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus in Greek mythology
7 Nitrogen N From the Greek words nitron genes meaning nitre and forming
102 Nobelium No Named after Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist
76 Osmium Os From the Greek word osme meaning smell
8 Oxygen O From the Greek words oxy genes meaning acid and forming
46 Palladium Pd Named after the asteroid pallas which was discovered at about the same time. Derived from Pallas Athene, the Greek goddess of wisdom
15 Phosphorus P From the Greek word phospheros meaning bringer of light
78 Platinum Pt From the Spanish word platina meaning silver
94 Plutonium Pu Named after the planet Pluto
84 Polonium Po Named after Poland, birthplace of Marie Curie
19 Potassium K From the English word potash, the ashes remaining in the pot after plant leaves were burnt and from which potassium carbonate was obtained
59 Praseodymium Pr From the Greek words prasios didymos meaning greentwin
61 Promethium Pm Named after Prometheus, who stole fire from heaven and gave it to humans, according to Greek mythology
91 Protactinium Pa From the Greek word protos meaning first
86 Radon Rn Named after the element radium, from which it was derived
88 Radium Ra From the Latin word radius meaning ray
75 Rhenium Re From Rhenus, the Latin for river Rhine, where one of the discoverers was born
45 Rhodium Rh From the Greek word rhodon meaning rose
111 Roentgenium Rg Named after Wilhelm C. Roentgen, the German physicist
37 Rubidium Rb From the Latin word rubidius meaning dark red
44 Ruthenium Ru From Ruthenia, the Latin word for Russia
104 Rutherfordium Rf Named after Ernest R. Rutherford, the New Zealand physicist and chemist
62 Samarium Sm Named after samarskite the mineral from which it was isolated
21 Scandium Sc From the Latin word Scandia meaning Scandinavia
106 Seaborgium Sg Named after Glen T. Seaborg, the American nuclear chemist
34 Selenium Se From the Greek word selene meaning moon
14 Silicon Si From the Latin word silicis meaning flint
47 Silver Ag From siluvar, the Old Saxon word for silver
11 Sodium Na From soda, the English word for sodium carbonate
38 Strontium Sr Named after StrontianScotland where the mineral from which it was isolated was found
16 Sulphur S From sulphurium, the Latin word for sulphur
73 Tantalum Ta Named after King Tantalus, the father of Niobe in Greek mythology
43 Technetium Tc From the Greek word technikos meaning artificial
52 Tellurium Te From the Latin word tellus meaning earth
65 Terbium Tb Named after Ytterby a town in Sweden where its ore was found
81 Thallium Tl From the Greek word thallos meaning green twig
90 Thorium Th Named after Thor, the Scandinavian God of war
69 Thulium Tm Named after Thule the ancient name for Scandinavia
50 Tin Sn From the Anglo-Saxon word tin
22 Titanium Ti Named after the Titans, the elder gods who ruled the earth before the Olympian gods, in Greek mythology
74 Tungsten W From the Swedish words tung sten meaning heavy stone
92 Uranium U Named after the planet Uranus
23 Vanadium V Named after Vanadis, the goddess of beauty in Scandinavian mythology
54 Xenon Xe From the Greek word xenon meaning stranger
70 Ytterbium Yb Named after the village of Ytterby in Sweden where its ore was found
39 Yttrium Y Named after the village of Ytterby in Sweden where its ore was found
30 Zinc Zn From the German word zink
40 Zirconium Zr From the Arabic word zargun meaning goldcolour
Atomic No Name of
Origin of name

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