Wire & Mesh

Seknoic Metals Supply You Various Kinds of Wire in Forms of coil,Spools,Cut Lengths In Material of Nicked Based Alloys and Coblated Based Alloys and other Staniless Steel Wire,Electrical Resistance Wire,Welding Wire and Mesh,Our All Products can Be clearly labelled with customer's order number, alloy, dimensions, weight, cast number,also can be labled with Client's Branding on them

  • Wire Available Forms: Coil Wire, Spools Wire, Cut Lengths Wire,Round Wire, Flat Wire


  • Wire Manufacture Process: VIR(Vacuum Induction Melting) -VAR(Vacuum Arc Remelting)-ESR(Electroslag)-Forging-Hot-rolling- Wire Drawing(Wire Rod,Straight Wire,Coil Wire,Spool Wire,Ect)

  • Surface Condition:Polished/Bright Wire,Pickling Wirewire15


  • Out Diameter Size: 0.01-12.00mm


  • Specification/Standards: ASTM, ASME, GB, JIS, GOST, DIN, etc.


  • The mesh type includes :Plain Weave Mesh, Twilled Weave Mesh, Pre-crimped Weave Mesh, Dutch Weave Mesh, etc. These are produced by automatic machines that are operated by skilled manpower. Basing on our united quality control system, we produce mesh products with stable and reliable quality.

Main Testing Terms and Procedure:

  • Tensile Strength TestsTitanium Mesh
  • Proof Stress Tests
  • Elongation
  • Breaking Loads
  • Hardness Tests*
  • Wrap Tests
  • Bend Test
  • Torsion Tests
  • Post-Heat Treatment Tests
  • Positive Material Identification Test (PMI)



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